your AI Doorman + intercom

Now you live in a doorman building

With GateGuard you can : Unlock the door with your face & PIN (or ID code and PIN), unlock the door for guests with your phone or tablet, send guest codes to visitors, and more.

Features of GateGuard

Keyless Entry

No key needed to unlock the door

Remote unlock

Let anyone in from anywhere, from your phone or tablet.

Video chat with guests

See who's at your door from anywhere in the world.

See who's at the door

Clear, color photo and video of each guest who buzzes you.

More featuress...

All kinds of cool amenities available...

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Frequent Questions & Issues

I forgot my ID or PIN

From the device or mobile app, enter your phone number and/or email (on record with your building management) and we'll send you your ID and PIN. If you do not have your mobile or email registered with building management you will have to contact them.

I'd like to give someone in my apartment an ID & PIN

Please contact your building management. We cannot give anyone an ID or PIN.

I don't want to use face recognition

You can use your ID number instead of face recognition.
Our cameras are there to help keep you and your building safe. You should understand even if you opt-out of using face recognition instead of an ID number, your building may still have the legal right to film, record, and recognize those who come into the building.

It's not recognizing my face!

The system can take a week or so to learn your face in different lighting & weather. Things like thick glasses, sunglasses, or bandages might prevent it from recognizing you (but most of the time it'll still work).

How much will this system cost me?

It's free! We do not charge tenants for use of the intercom & unlock features. 

Of course, if you order services or amenities (laundry, cleaning, packages, etc.) you may be charged for those optional services by the providers. 

Questions about the Tenant Tablet TAB700 

My tenant tablet (TAB700) won't start.

Please plug it in using the provided charged and leave it to charge for at least an hour. Then, press the power button. Leave the tablet plugged-in so it stays charged. 

If it still won't start, try a different outlet which you know has power (such as one keeping a lamp on). If it doesn't turn on after 2 hours of charging, return it to your landlord for a replacement.

I cannot load apps on by TAB700

Only the GateGuard app is approved and supported for use on our tablet. (You will be able to unlock the tablet for a fee and use other apps and internet, but not yet.)

I am not getting buzzes on the the TAB700

  • First, make sure the tablet is on.
  • Then, be sure you have logged in with your ID and PIN.
  • Then, keep the tablet near a window or WiFi source.
  • Your building may have provided WiFi and it will be programmed into the device already. Otherwise, you can enter the WiFI username and password your internet provider has given you (it is usually on the modem).
  • Lastly, the Teman TAB700 will connect to the T-mobile network, so keep the unit near a window and away from thick concrete, glass, or metal walls which may block cell signal.

Can I put my own SIM or otherwise modify the TAB700?

No. The TAB700 belongs to your building management and is on loan to you. You may not modify the device, gift it, or change the SIM cards inside.

I lost or broke the TAB700

The TAB700 given to you by your building management belongs to them. Please contact your building management if you've lost or broken the tablet. They may require a fee to replace it.

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