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Effective Gratitude

Foreward by Nancy Lublin, founder of Dress for Success and CEO of!

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Effective GratitudeEffective Gratitude for Organizations and Individuals gives proven steps, with 30 quick exercises, to boost your and your team’s happiness by 25%, improve communication, discover new levels of creativity, eliminate blockages, frustrations, and anger, and improve your health and energy levels.

Publication Date: November 11, 2010


The subtitle of this book could be ‘nice Jewish boy explains how to be that way.’ It’s a great practical guide for anyone with a beating heart. –Nancy Lublin, founder of Dress for Success and CEO of

I start every staff meting at Urban Zen by requiring everyone present to state one thing for which they are grateful. It is amazing how this shifts the energy and sets the tone for the meeting, for people’s interactions, and for the week ahead. I recommend executives get and use this book! –Joanne Heyman, Executive Director, Urban Zen